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English for Everyone : English Grammar Guide

Title of the book : English for Everyone: English Grammar Guide
Publisher             : DK
Edition                 : 1
Year                     : 2016
File format          : PDF 
File  size               : 25.48 MB
Pages                    : 217

➤Description :

A self-study English grammar guide using innovative visual learning methods to make even the trickiest points easy to understand, for the approximately 1 million adults in the United States learning English as a second language.Suitable for English-language learners of all levels, from beginner to advanced, and even experienced English speakers looking for a reminder of key language points, English for Everyone : English Grammar Guide is an intuitive way to study English grammar. Clear illustrations put learning points in context and make them easy to remember, and simple graphics and annotated sample sentences break down grammar constructions, making even difficult points easy to follow.
English for Everyone : 
-English Grammar Guide covers the language skills, vocabulary, and grammar needed for the major global English-language exams, including TOEFL.
-All learning is practiced across speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises, offering rounded preparation for work, travel, study, and exams.

➤ Contents: 

1-The present simple
2-The present simple negative
3-Present simple questions 
4-The present continuous
5-Present tenses overview

7-The past simple
8-The past simple negative 
9-Past simple questions
10-The past continuous
11-The present perfect simple
12-The present perfect continuous
13-The past perfect simple
14-The past perfect continuous
15-"Used to" and " Would"
16-Past tenses overview


17-The future with " going to"
18-The future with "will"
19-The present present for future events
20-The future continuous
21-The future perfect
22-The future in the past
23-Future overview
24-The passive
25-The passive in the past
26-The passive in the future
27-The passive with modals
28-Other passive constructions
29-Conditional sentences
30-Other conditional sentences
31-Conditional sentences overview
32-Future possibilities
33-Wishes and regrets
34-Forming questions
35-Questions words
36-Open questions
37-Object and subject questions
38-Indirect questions
39-Questions tags
40-Short questions
41-Short answers
42-Questions overview
43-Reported Speech
44-Tenses in reported speech
45-Reporting verbs
46-Reported speech with negatives
47-Reported questions
48-Reported speech overview
49-Types of verbs
50-Action and state verbs
51-Infinitives and participles
52-Verb patterns
53-Verb patterns with objects
54-Verb patterns with prepositions
55-Phrasal verbs

56-Modal verbs
58-Permission,requests,and offers
59-Suggestions and advice
61-Making deductions


64-Articles overview
65-"This / that /these /those"
66-"No / none"
67-"Each / every "
68-"Either / neither /both "
69-Singular and plural nouns
70-Countable and uncountable nouns
71-Subject-verb agreement
72-Abstract and concrete nouns
73-Compound nouns
76-Approximate quantity
77-Personal pronouns
78-Reflexive pronouns
79-Indefinite pronouns
81-Defining relative clauses
82-Non-defining relative clauses 
83-Other relative structures 
84-Question words with "-ever"
86-Introductory "it"
87-Shifting focus
90-Shortening infinitives
93-Gradable and non-gradable adjectives
94-Comparative adjectives
95-Two comparatives together
97-Superlative adjectives
98-Adverbs of manner
99-Comparative and superlative adverbs
100-Adverbs of degree
101-Adverbs of time
102-Adverbs of frequency
103-“So” and “such”
104-“Enough” and “too”
106-Prepositions of place
107-Prepositions of time
108-Other prepositions
109-Dependent prepositions
110-Coordinating conjunctions
111-Subordinating conjunctions
112-More linking words
113-Linking words overview
116-Easily confused phrases
117-Sequencing and organizing
118-Correcting and changing the subject
119-Deciding and hedging
120-Making conversation
Index and Acknowledgments

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English for Everyone : English Grammar Guide


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